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Hello, my name is Emily and I'm the owner of Pearls and Jade Plant Shop. My goal for Pearls and Jade is for it to be more than just a "plant shop" but to connect the community with plants in unique and repurposed ceramic vessels - eliminating the plastic nursery pot from the shopping process. I source all my planters personally, seeking style and character. I live to see that spark of joy in my customers eye when they see that perfect plant/pot pair that brings them an invaluable moment of joy.  While our pre-potted plants are in reclaimed vessels, our other products are hand-made by me or other makers inspired by plants!

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Sustainability Meets Style

With my background in the arts and my love for nature, my number one goal is to bring stylish and sustainable plants and products to my customers. I want to eliminate plastic from their "take-home" process, I do this by collecting and creating vessels which I turn into planters! No two plants are the same! This means you get a completely unique potted plant that is responsible, ethical and waste free. Freshly potted means that no repotting is needed until the plant becomes completely root bound in the pot (this takes some time, usually a year). My planters have drainage holes which means they are reusable without the use of a plastic container. My plants are locally sourced and hand-picked or grown personally by me.

What's in the Dirt?

Mixing my own soil is one of my favorite aspects of my process. The feeling of mixing fresh bark, worm castings, and coco coir together - it's the smell of earth and growth that is so satisfying to me! I do not use sphagnum peat moss because the harvesting of this moss is not a sustainable practice. It takes thousands of years for this natural moss to develop and requires the digging up of natural swamp lands to harvest which is devastating to the ecosystem. I use coco coir instead, which has the same moisture holding properties and is made from the husks of the coconut! I also mix activated charcoal, perlite and pumice into the soil for drainage. Each ratio is dependent on the needs of the plant!


I like to think of Pearls and Jade as a "plant boutique" because we do a lot more than just sell plants. It's very important to me to support other women and minority owned business as well. This is why we've added "Feature Makers" to the mix. Our featured makers are chosen creators who find inspiration in plants and nature. If you are interested in applying to be featured, send us an email with your work and your story at 


I'm always looking for new, exciting opportunities and new plant friends. Let's connect!


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